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High quality accommodation services

Victory’s Mannar provides fully furnished Air-conditioned/Non-air-conditioned  Apartments, Suites  and Houses for short and long stay in Mannar Town. Our properties are ideal for family vacations. Each facilities have reserved car parking and reserved space for gathering and  functions.

Victory's Gardens

This is an eight apartment building in Mannar town, close to Eluthoor Talaimannar Junction. All are fully furnished Air-conditioned one bedroom,  two bedrooms and three bedrooms apartments. Victory’s Gardens have secured car parking and uninterrupted lighting and CCTV camera system

Address : No: 86, Ward No: 06, Eluthoor Veethy, (Eluthoor Talaimannar bypass road) Mannar

Contact: Mrs. Evonne Suresh Miranda,

Phone and Watsup: +94775233144

Victory's Residence

This is a six apartment building in Mannar town, close to Hospital junction. All are fully furnished air-conditioned one bedroom and two bedrooms apartments. Victory’s Residence is in walking distance of   200 meters from  Hospital junction and 200 meters from  Stadium junction. Victory;s Residence have secured and reserved car parking within the compound and is protected by high raised boundary wall and CCTV cameras

Address : No: 24, De La salle Street, Ward No: 06, Chavatkaddu Mannar

Contact: Mrs. Evonne Suresh Miranda,

Phone and Watsup: +94775233144

Victory's Homes

Victory’s Homes provides fully furnished air-conditioned/Non-air-conditioned houses in Mannar for long and sort stay.

They are

  • Fully furnished air-conditioned 4 bedroom house in 30 purchase land with free carparking for two vehicles. This house is located in Seminary road, Mannar.
  • Seven bedroom two storied house with  with free car parking for two vehicle. The house is located at New Moor street, Mannar.
  • Fully furnished two bedroom house in 1st floor in Pereyakamam, Mannar.eminary Road, Mannar and 7 bedrooms house is situated at 11/1, New Moor street.

Address : 

  • First House. No: 30, Seminary Road, Mannar
  • Second House:. No: 11/1, New Moor street. Mannar.
  • Third House: Periyakamam, Mannar

Contact: Mrs. Evonne Suresh Miranda

                 Phone : +94775233144


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What our guests are saying about us - Hotel Mannar | Mannar Hotels

Nice Place

Fantastic location in a historic renovated monastery in the heart of the Castro. Staff were helpful and knowledgeable and everything in easy walking distance.

Ina Aldrich
Ina Aldrich
Athens, Greece


The owner and staff were extremely helpful and kind and took time to ensure that we had extra information on things to do in the area and places to visit.

John Doe
John Doe
Rome, Italy

Good Choice

Extremely nice environment, the room was great, the service was awesome, really helpful and great service I'll visit them again in the near future.

William W.
William W.
Lisbone, Portugal